A Dinka name for red

5 Mar

Just read Victoria’s book “Colour”, and follows her blogg. There is so much stories about colour!

Victoria Finlay

Medici con l'Africa Cuamm Dinka cattle-1Earlier this week I went to a party where I met a woman from South Sudan. Her name, she said, meant “dark red” in Dinka. Was it common in South Sudan to name people after colours, I asked. It wasn’t uncommon, she said. And is her name just for girls? Yes, she said.

So is there an equivalent, maybe “dark blue” for boys, I asked, happy as always to be chatting along a colours theme. And she started to laugh. And she giggled until little tears formed at the corners of her eyes. “The Dinka are cattle herders,” she said as if in explanation, and giggled again. I didn’t quite understand. “My name is the name for a kind of cattle colour…. (another shudder of laughter)… and no cows are dark blue!” And then we both laughed until we cried at the delightful image of dark blue cows grazing in…

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29 May

I started this site just to learn how to use WordPress, and unfortunately there isn’t much interesting here (sorry). Perhaps this will change when I semi-retire, and have more time for blogging.

So see you later, perhaps!